I’ve told this story a bit, but with Jeff Bezos in the news today, it seems as good a time as any to blog it. Back in 2008, at SXSW, I met Bezos briefly, and got a bit of insight into how he stays open to new ideas and opportunities.

(Jeff Bezos at SXSW, as captured by iJustine)

That year, I’d put together a panel called “Quit Your Job and Vlog.” It was a pretty sensational title, considering it had only been a couple years since Jason Kottke had been the first to make the leap to

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    So great to be able to relive this moment through this story. Thanks, Tim.
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    Great story, well told:
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    Tim tells the story of one of the best moments of one of the great SXSW panels of all time.
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